Winter Time

Its getting colder, darker and wetter so its time to update you on whats going on for the last month and half of club this year

Firstly for our ongoing events we have our second season of saga continuing and the early stages of our necromunda campign is getting going


For upcomming annoucments, some of our memebers are running another KoW tournament on saturday the 8th of decemember

December 17th wil be the last club night of the year, we will be trying to run a participation game that night as well. We will be comming back on the 7th of january for a new year.



Post Apocolypse

So a week has passed and we have had time to start to recover from what is always one of the largest gaming weekends most of us at club get to do, this year there was 8 players aside with 6,000pts a player (48.000pts a side) battling it out.

Becaus we have now had a year with 8th edition this time round (rather than it droping like 1 month before we have to start giving out all the information) we were able to go back towards some of the preperation we have done in the past meaning there was a return to personal objectives and even participation gifts for everyone that came, this year being Reapers dice

This year we went with a very terrain heavy table (compared to some years) with rolling reinforcments and a turn 1 night fight limiting ranges with the idea being that turn 1 woud be much more about deployment and manouvering for postion with the real destruction startng from turn 2

Whilst table set up as being disscused and secret objectivces were handed out one team made a early lead on thier secret objectives by forming thier bond of brotherhood amongst thier cult (some objectives were achivable wthout ever needing to be on the table)

Deployment and turn one ended up going to the team mostly madeup of the chaos forces and tyranids (with guilaman hiding out amongst the marines alligned to them) with thier infiltratraitors tryingto make an early grab for objectives and the rest of the team trying to get into a better postion.

Turn 2 is when things got alot more intresting as 2/3rds of the armies were on the board and the full shootng abilaties were unleashed as well as allowing people to deepstrike in amongst the forces 


Day 1 rounded out on turn 3 with the eldar learning an important lesson about not ignoring the little unassuming genesteler cultist psyker hding out by a phantoms feet as it managed to mindcontroll 1 phantom to shot the other


The grind truey begining to try and clear the nurgle forces

And both teams being drawn in points with no side being able to claim any of the main table objectives

As we drew a line on day 1 the night time entertaiment began, pizza was ordered and those staying in the hall overnight started the traditon of mass movie watching (this year educating scott as he had seen none of them before)

Turn 4 started up and it was time for 2 players to activate thier secret mission, to stop anyone from winning, each side had a traitor in thier midst (tau and guard) who rather than just changing sides decided instead to turn against everyone

The rest of the day lead to som very confusing turns where players were rushing to see who could shot each other first n the same turn and objectives being contested b both sides having to fight of a 3rd faction

The day ended with both sdes having failed to claim any of the table based objectives (there wasnt a single turn they were not all contested), both sides having managed to score points by kiling 2 warlords each in combat and every player having achived thier personal objctives.


As organisers we would like to thank everyone that came along and helpd us to have another great weekend. Thank you for getting in the spirit of our wierd and dumb ideas. there will be a survey for feedback for those of you who were there as we conitnue to learn what did or didnt work and try to adapt to changes GW makes. I will leave you with some more pictures taken from the weekend.

Marines and nids arriving tgether to threaten the guard baslasks
eldar and marines start the stre down that will last the whole game
tellion contesting the same objective for 4 turns
relife when it becomes cler te eldar flier cant hold objectives
Custodes getting surronded by nids and marines
marines setting up home in the mdeic b uilding overlooking an objective all game
old school screamer killers makng an advance
custodes meeting a tunnling nd

Octobers Update

So were now into October and approaching then end of this year

This month we have the start of 2 new ongoing games

Firstly we have the kick off of necromunda making its return as a club league for the first time in a good few years with the first games kicking off Monday the 8th

Secondly we also have the return of our second Saga campaign with it starting on the 15th of october

Also coming to the blog soon will be a write up on our Apocalypse game that took place last weekend

September Update

First of all  i really thought this had already been posted so……..

Now onto club news


This month there are not anymore special events with the continuation of our ongoing leagues for 40k and bloodbowl


However there is some future events and preparations going on that it is worth drawing your attention to now

Firstly looking ahead to next year there is a poll running on our FB page looking ahead to the leagues we will be running next year. If you haven’t voted yet please do

In the more imedieate future October 6th-7th has our apocolypse game again all the details can be found here


tickets can be bought here


and rules can be found here


Also happening the beginning of October is our Guilds of ravnica event on the 7th


August update

Summer is defiantly here now, the sun seems to be doing a weird thing and staying with us, so why not come and do the British thing and moan about the “good weather” in good company.

The hall will be open again for club from Monday the 13th

August is a quieter month for us events wise due to having the summer hall closures but the 40k league is still continuing

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t got new things to tell you about

Once we are back we will be announcing the start of our plans for our big apocalypse game this year (October 6th-7th) Including prices, build up game plans, how we are doing teams and maybe a few other things

Plans are also underway to start getting ready for our next round of leagues and events as well with necromunda and saga both seeing something coming or them as well as starting to already look forward to next years leagues

Whats going on in July

So we have a couple of events continuing and coming up in July so thought it would be good to let everyone know whats going on

Firstly on normal club nights we have our first pairings for our 40k league getting underway as well as our next batch of blood bowl games in their league


For our MTG players the 16th of July will see our draft for core set 2019, tickets of which can be bought from our store or on a club night, full details can be found on the event page here

As for external events on Saturday the 21st we have our Shroud of the reaper event our first Kings of War tournament being run by some of our members with some great prize support and Sponsorship from companies. At the time of posting this there is still currently 1 spot left in the tournament all details can be found here

The Battle of Fontenay le Marimo

Last weekend saw the clubs second large scale bolt action weekend take place with 8 players coming down to play a 12,000 pts aside game, the sides were split with British and Russian forces on one side and a combination of German, Finish and Japanese forces on the other.

The first 2 turns of the battle took place at night leading to both sides taking advantage of the limited visibility to get into position

Once night broke the frighting got alot more frequent with control of some objectives seeing multiple units try to claim them over the course of the game

This is probably most true for the Finish and British forces fighting over one of the objectives that took heavy casualties from an artillery strike early into the game

One objective saw very little action in the early part of the game but came to be crucial in the final few turns was the battle in the middle of the bridge, with a force of bamboo spearmen sailing to it to try and lay claim to it first at the mid point of the game very few of any of the units sent to it survived fro long out in the open

At the other end of the table despite the German’s tank brigade of panthers and even a king tiger the objective spent almost the hole game under the control of the British with their own support from the Russian tanks

As the game came to its close on the Sunday at the end of the 6th turn the score’s  were close (66-60) but it was a victory for the British and Russians

Plans are already underway for next years game with ideas for what the scenario and objectives will be

Wolsung Zombie review

As some of you may know as a club we are currently working away hard on our salute board for this year a zombie invasion board of salute itself, in contacting various companies for use of the logos and images Micro art studio nicely sent us a set of their Wolsung zombies to use on the stand as well


The box they sent us was 7 multi-part resin zombies, 3 with guns, 3 melee and 1 in a phone box with rules cards for the models. Each model came in its own little baggie



All the models came in 3 parts with the torso and heads being all 1 piece and the arms separate and required a small amount of cleaning before assembly



Cleaning the models for assembly was very easy, the larger sections of flash were easy to remove and it was nice and obvius what needed trimming and there were no noticeable mold lines either meaning assembly was very quick and easy



The models themselves are all nicely sculpted wand capture the movement of a zombie well, they have some nice details as well that makes them stand out from  other zombie models as well and should make a nice addition to our board



All in all these are nicely detailed easy to clean and assemble models, and the whole Wolsung range looks to have some nice characterful models that i would definitely consider looking to get more of