Summer approaches

So its may now, salute is behind us (and far enough away that we can pretend its not something we should totaly be working on) bank holidays are comming up so its the time as officers we get to relax right?


Well this month we have month 2 of our dredball leauge running with 9 players having varring degrees of success (some of us alot less than others) with some players already getting multiple landslide wins and one team of prisoners shocking themselves so badly they lost thier shock collar

We are also into the second month of our narrative themed 40k campaign being run by one of our memebrs with the 3 factions still fighting it out ad theres always room to add more to the fight


Comming up this month on Monday the 13th we have our war of the Spark sealed event for our MTG players full description and tickets can be found in our event page here

Looking further ahead to June we have a weekend event on saturday 13th for Bolt Action and Sunday 14th for our saga players tickets for these can be either bought individually at £15 each (£10 for quarterly or better members) or £20 for both (£15 for quarterly or better members) both of these will be narrtive driven days with multiple games during the day for each. Full detals and rules packs will be up on the event page shortley

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