The month the officers panic

Its April and its the time of year that as officers we probably panic the most about being prepared. Before the rest of the blog talks about whats going on this month and the start of May on club nights i would like to talk about this coming weekend.

In case some of you dont know this month is salute, a very large wargaming event (the largest independent event in the UK) that has gamers and traders from all over the world come down. For the 5th year running we will be running a participation game and for the 5th year running we dont feel anywhere near prepared enough. Its not until teh day before the event that we can finaly build the table at the venue fully and see all the details on it for the first time that we fel like we have done what we wanted. Obviusly we have so have always managed to pull everything together and put on something we can be happy with as we keep being allowed back ad have even won things for our boards. Every year we tell ourselves that “next time we will tone it down and make it easier for ourselves” and then we sit down to plan and get carried away again.

Well this year was no differnt, not happy with making 1 board with 1 game, or 1 board with 2 of the same game, or even 1 board wth 2 games this year we have gone for 3 games on 3 boards (why do we do this to ourselves) as we tackle all 3 time zones of back to the future

its been a long few months of work with everyone getting roped in to help from family memebrs

To club members doing long term projects for us at home

Weve given up weekends to meet up and work

Weve had to steal people on club nights to help with playtesting the game and even stole 9 of you last monday to help us out on club night doing last touches

For any of you that have given us time, supplies or advice and support over the last few months we say a massive thank you as its you guys (and salute) that lets us do these random one off crazy things and help to make some fevored vision become a reality.

If any of our club members are at salute be sure to come over and say high and see it all finished with some of the fabulous work people have done for us in all thier finished glory.


Now back to normal monthly updates

This month is the first month of our new membership schemes being live fees are now
The nightly fee is £6.00
The four night card is £20.00
There is also an option for a Quarterly payment of £60.00, a Six monthly payment of £105.00 and finally a Yearly payment of £200.00.

there wil be shop buttons for the quarterly/6 monthly/ yearly subscriptions going up on the club store page soon. We are also hoping to be working out a way of taking card payments at club but that is not quite sorted yet


We have our dredbal leauge (The El Presedente Cup) starting up this month with its first round of pairings going out to players

Our 40k leauge is about to kick off, being run one of our members if anyone is intrested in signing up that hasnt should message Michael Champion its a fun leauge that requires low commitment


For our MTG players there isnt anything for april but we have 2 events that we have planned for the first weeks of may to tell you about now, firstly there is of course our event for the War of the Spark realse. Secondly we are going to be trying to run a special cube event for you based off a fan made starwars set

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