Things to come

Another club year has to a close, this year has seen us continue with some long running events (anual apocolypse, tables at salute,40k tournaments, bolt action days and regular MTG events) as well as us starting up so new additons in hosting tournments for KoW and other games seing new laeuges on club nights

Looking ahead to next year we have plans to contiune with these as well as add in some more events and some changes to the club as a whole.


Firstly New membership options, as some of you will know we have spoken for a while now about offering something other than just the 4 weekly club cards for members. We are not quite ready yet to realse full details of what options will be avalible but we can say that we are looking to launch them in febuary when club celebrates its 9th birthday


Event wise we can give you a first heads up to things we already have planned and booked throught the year for you as well as some things that dnt have a date attached to them yet

The first event we have on the calander for next year is our event for the Latest MTG set on Monday 28th, as always this wil be a sealed event with prize support, tickets wil be £20 if bought in advance or £25 on the night

All though not an event taking part at club, April 6th is salute (earlier this year) and again our club will be runnng a table, possibly our most ambitous idea yet, 1 table, running 3 differnt games in 3 differnt settings so if you want to come show your supportt (or just come down to salute) would be great to see you there

June 14th-16th we will be looking to run another bolt action event, the exact layout and details for this are still being finalised so watch this space for more information

Saturday July 20th Our mebers are again running thier KoW tournament at the hall tickets are £15 and all the event details can be found here


Finaly on the calander already for the year is our big weekend for 40k, our apocolypse evet, this year its much later than normal being the 15th-16th of november.


Now thats already a bunch of events with dates that we can tell you about, but thats not all currently planned. we have already have plans for 6 leauges across the year.

Firstly starting in january we have plans for Kill team, smaller skirmish based gaes of 40k, also starting son into the new year we are looking at running dreadball, mantics futeristic sports game, this wont be the first time we have run stuff for this game but its been a couple of years.

Moving into april we are looking at running a 40k leauge again, curently we are stil looking for volunters to do this for us, it can be in what ever for you would like, if you are intrested then please speak to an officer at club or send us a FB message

July we wil be going back to bloodbowl again, full details of the format of the leauge and the relevent rules needed will be given out closer to it starting

October we will have another run at saga (hopefuly with less revolting peasents than the current run) as well as looking to run another KoW leauge, these have always been run by you guys in the past and we will be looking at asking for a volunter for this one again as well


Of course add to all this the other random events we run like our birthday night, “may the 4th”, halloween and anything else we think its worth devoting a night to and you can see that even before the year has started we have a fair amount planned for you guys

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