August update

Summer is defiantly here now, the sun seems to be doing a weird thing and staying with us, so why not come and do the British thing and moan about the “good weather” in good company.

The hall will be open again for club from Monday the 13th

August is a quieter month for us events wise due to having the summer hall closures but the 40k league is still continuing

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t got new things to tell you about

Once we are back we will be announcing the start of our plans for our big apocalypse game this year (October 6th-7th) Including prices, build up game plans, how we are doing teams and maybe a few other things

Plans are also underway to start getting ready for our next round of leagues and events as well with necromunda and saga both seeing something coming or them as well as starting to already look forward to next years leagues

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