The Battle of Fontenay le Marimo

Last weekend saw the clubs second large scale bolt action weekend take place with 8 players coming down to play a 12,000 pts aside game, the sides were split with British and Russian forces on one side and a combination of German, Finish and Japanese forces on the other.

The first 2 turns of the battle took place at night leading to both sides taking advantage of the limited visibility to get into position

Once night broke the frighting got alot more frequent with control of some objectives seeing multiple units try to claim them over the course of the game

This is probably most true for the Finish and British forces fighting over one of the objectives that took heavy casualties from an artillery strike early into the game

One objective saw very little action in the early part of the game but came to be crucial in the final few turns was the battle in the middle of the bridge, with a force of bamboo spearmen sailing to it to try and lay claim to it first at the mid point of the game very few of any of the units sent to it survived fro long out in the open

At the other end of the table despite the German’s tank brigade of panthers and even a king tiger the objective spent almost the hole game under the control of the British with their own support from the Russian tanks

As the game came to its close on the Sunday at the end of the 6th turn the score’s  were close (66-60) but it was a victory for the British and Russians

Plans are already underway for next years game with ideas for what the scenario and objectives will be

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