Wolsung Zombie review

As some of you may know as a club we are currently working away hard on our salute board for this year a zombie invasion board of salute itself, in contacting various companies for use of the logos and images Micro art studio nicely sent us a set of their Wolsung zombies to use on the stand as well


The box they sent us was 7 multi-part resin zombies, 3 with guns, 3 melee and 1 in a phone box with rules cards for the models. Each model came in its own little baggie



All the models came in 3 parts with the torso and heads being all 1 piece and the arms separate and required a small amount of cleaning before assembly



Cleaning the models for assembly was very easy, the larger sections of flash were easy to remove and it was nice and obvius what needed trimming and there were no noticeable mold lines either meaning assembly was very quick and easy



The models themselves are all nicely sculpted wand capture the movement of a zombie well, they have some nice details as well that makes them stand out fromĀ  other zombie models as well and should make a nice addition to our board



All in all these are nicely detailed easy to clean and assemble models, and the whole Wolsung range looks to have some nice characterful models that i would definitely consider looking to get more of

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