As some of you may know from talking at club (or having played with it) the club has recently purchased a set of the planechase anthology for use on club nights for our MTG players. If anyone wishes to use this set then either chuck a message onto the FB page or ask one of us on the night and we can sort it out for you.


For those of you who don’t know what this is or for those of you who haven’t had a chance to see it yet I thought it would be worth doing a post about everything that is in this box


This set is a compilation of the the 4 pre built decks from the 2012 edition of planechase, the 40 planes from the 2012 set as well as the 40 planes from the 2009 set, 4 spin down life counters (each coloured to match a deck) a special large translucent blue planar dice.


So what is plane chase? 

It’s a special format for playing MTG where players use a shard deck known as the “planar deck” this deck represents many of the different planes in MTG lore and they place an extra effect on the game whilst they are on the battlefield, one of these is put into play at the start of the game and then on each players turn they have the option to try and “planes walk” by rolling the special planar die , this has the chance to either roll chaos (causing an additional effect on the current plane) or moving everyone into a new plane putting new effects onto the battlefield. now some of these planes give bonuses to every player, some of them to certain colours or card types and some of them actually apply a negative effect (such as limiting your untap step)


So what are the decks in this set?

Firstly there is “Savage Auras


This deck is a green/white deck led by “Krond the Dawn-clad” and is a deck built entirely around enchantments and creatures that get bonuses when enchanted to make your smaller creatures much more intimidating

Then there is “Night of the Ninja”


This deck is a blue/black led by “Vela the Night-clad“, this deck is built around lots of creatures with ninjutsu and ways to make creatures unblockable to try and hit enemies with smaller creatures only to switch them out for something better before damage is dealt

Thirdly we have “Primordial Hunger”


This deck is red/Green and led by “Thromok the Insatiable“, this is a devour deck and is very aggressive. Its main aim is to use its cheaper low powered creatures and token generators so that they can be sacrificed to its bigger creatures to pump them up

Finally we have “Chaos reigns”


This is a 5 colour deck led by “Maelstrom Wanderer” that uses cascade to cast multiple spells in one turn without paying their mana costs leading to chaotic turns



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