Getting frosty in Frostgrave

Spread before you are the icy ruins of a once magnificent city. Others eke out a meager existence combing through the trash, but that’s not good enough for you. You want it all and you know how you’re going to get it!

This isn’t a grisly prediction of the fall of London, but the setting of Frostgrave, a relatively new tabletop skirmish game created by Osprey Publishing. Many of us at Bexley Reapers are keen to try it out and with this in mind, we’re going to be starting up an ongoing campaign that will have us conjuring demons, grabbing treasure and taking the odd arrow to the knee.


What is Frostgrave?

As touched upon above, Frostgrave is skirmish game that takes place in a “fantasy” universe set in the ruined city of Felstad. Players control small war bands headed by a wizard and (optional) apprentice, out to loot the ruined city and carve out a small empire for themselves. Wizards come from one of ten schools of magic, so depending on your play style wizards can be anything from undead raising necromancers, to earth shattering elementalists.pic2520018_md

Frostgrave can be played as a straight up one vs. one fight, but also scales nicely to a four way battle royale, all on a fairly small table with densely packed terrain. The game uses true line of sight along with simple, yet elegant rules and a twenty sided dice, to keep play flowing for even complete novices (unless Tom has to collect subs!).

Over the course of the campaign, wizards will grow in power and skill, gather riches and amass a fortune, in the pursuit of transcendence.

What will I need to play?

Warbands are limited to ten models (exceptions apply) so the physical cost of entry is extremely low. As Frostgrave is “generic fantasy” you may even have appropriate models collecting dust at home, D&D, Warhammer, Kings of War, all use models of the right scale and although Frostgrave is primarily a Human conflict, what’s to say those lizardmen you haven’t used in ages, aren’t heavily ensorcelled locals?9086

The club has a whole host of appropriate terrain and game mats and many of the members have the rule book, and would be more than happy to let you look through it.

If this post has got you interested in Frostgrave, the campaign is only just starting, with plenty of time to still join in.

The plan is to have organised Frostgrave nights a couple of times a month, in order to maximise opponents. Playing outside of these times is of course, absolutely fine.

I’ll be checking back in with an update as the campaign progresses.

See you in Frostgrave!dwarf_wiz1_final

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