Bolt Action Normandy 2.0 Map Campaign, Round 5

Thanks to the Bank Holiday weekend here in Britain, we were able to get some extra games in; So here’s Round 5’s round-up sooner than you’d think!


As usual we have the Allied attack move first. With three attack moves we had activity across the Normandy map, with Allied players now really focusing on grabbing as many point as they can in the penultimate round of the campaign.

In the West we had the British pressing in on a local village which was defended by a surprise troop of Japanese!



In the centre, we had another British advance into an Occult Zone, with weird goings on on both sides, the British saw off their Axis opponents and their fiendish support and captured the zone.



And on the Eastern front, Some US soldiers attempted to retake the village zone enveloping Caen. Alas, the Axis forces stationed there were too tough to shift!



Two zones captured, including an occult and a village!


Onto the Axis turn!

After a bumper week on the Bank Holiday, the following week was a much quieter affair. With only one Allied player available to play there was only a single Axis attack move!

The Axis wanted to keep their western front secure, so mounted an assault on the recently captured village south of Cherbourg. With the British in a beleaguered “Hold Until Relieved” mission, they held out strong til the last, but ultimately it was a German Victory, recapturing the zone!



At the end of Round 5 we’re left at:

Axis: 15
Allies: 10

With 1 round left it’s going to be an uphill struggle for the Allies, but they could pull of something marvellous!


Til next time!

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