Bolt Action Normandy 2.0 Map Campaign, Round 4

Round 4 of the map campaign is over! Round up incoming….


The Allied phase of this round saw the Allied forces attempt to Consolidate their hold on the city of Caen, push up towards Cherbourg and capture another nearby village.

But they met stiff resistance.

The Western advances of the phase were successfully held back, keeping the sectors under Axis control.

The success came at Caen, where the Allies captured the territory enveloping Caen, protecting the city from a direct assault!



The Axis phase of the turn saw a concentration of the eastern front, determined to push back into Caen!

This round took place on the bank holiday Monday, and so people were able to bring more of their own terrain to the club, resulting in some stunning tables!


First we had a push into the fields south west of Caen. Surrounded by dense bocage this was a slow slug for both sides with bitter close quarters fighting.


Next was the push into the village territory which enveloped Caen. A successful assault meant that Caen may now be wide open for assault later in the campaign!


Lastly was the Axis attempt to recapture the Pegasus bridge. However the Allied forces weren’t keen on letting this one go, and achieved a hard fought defence!




Down to the scores! The Axis did a sterling job this round, 4 wins giving them 4 points.

While their performance was not the best, the Allies were successful where it counted, keeping Caen safe and defending the pegasus bridge, keeping their score constant.

Therefore the totals are:

Axis: 13
Allies: 8

Axis are pulling ahead! With just two rounds left its getting desperate for the Allies!

Until next time!

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