Bolt Action Normandy 2.0 Map Campaign, Round 3

Round 3 of our map campaign is over! Roundup incoming…


It’s a quick round up this time as due to club prepartions for Salute I’ve been running quite behind.

Talking of Salute, check out Beasts of War’s coverage of us.

First up was the Allied advance, and what a bumper turnout it was. 4 assault moves and 3 wins!

And what wins they were, a village, a city and an occult zone.


At this point, the scores suddenly jumped up to:

Axis: 8
Allies: 9

But wait, there was an Axis counter attack!

This with seriously bad traffic and train in the area we had two Axis attack moves.

One tried to re-take the city and just failed. While the other had a bit more success retaking the Occult Zone.


This left the scores at the end of Round 3 as:

Axis : 9
Allies : 8

It’s getting tense!

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