Bolt Action Normandy 2.0 Map Campaign, Round 2

Round 2 of our bolt action map is over.. and here’s the roundup!


But first… catch up with Round 1 here!

First up was our Allied attack phase. 4 games in total pushing out in all directions.


German Nebelwerfer and Marder bombard the approaching allies as they seek to capture the objective by the houses.



British commandos weather heavy ambush fire from the Finnish as they each try to destroy each other’s headquarters.



An Allied armoured column rolls into heavy resistance from German Panzers



The Allied phase ended in one victory, gaining a territory in the centre of the map.


Axis attack phase, this week saw 3 games for the Axis forces…


Axis forces clash with British troops in a dusty hamlet.



A surprise encounter on the main road between towns!



Hold until relieved scenario for some beleaguered US troops at an isolated farmhouse by the lake.

It was a great result for the Axis in this phase, with 3 wins out of 3 games, leaving the map looking like this going into Round 3:


The points as it stands now:

Axis : 7
Allied : 2

Early in the campaign and the Axis have a good lead, however the Allies haven’t taken any of the valuable Cities, bridges or occult zones yet…

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