The road to Salute

So as some of you will already know last year saw our first venture into running a table at salute and after much sitting around trying to work out ideas and designs we are finally starting to move forwards on making some of the stuff we need for this year as some of you may of seen on club nights when we have surrounded ourselves with stuff on club nights.

Firstly came the important job of testing all the vehicles we wanted to convert


Then came a stripping of all the rejected options for parts



Then a night of crazy imaginations as we let lose on our selected options with the full force of our bitz boxes

12499518_10100725396364532_494140225_o 12620434_10100725396424412_1596200726_o 12633094_10100725396389482_153034968_o 12637174_10100725396429402_514260656_o

Now just comes the painting and then just the small job of making the full board itself with all of its lights and smoke options, the rules pack and all the gaming aids.

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