Episode 2 A New Home

So the blog has found a new home on our club website, and that’s not all that’s here, the forums have had a tweak, there’s new images in the gallery and we are starting to fill out our events calender for the rest of this year and into the next.

new home


So what’s been happening at club and what do we have planned (there’s a few ideas running around)


Well this week we had a couple more Bolt Action games as 2 more people had intro games as Tom’s Germans took on Pete’s US marines, and Gav brought along his British and Germans to show Rob

Rob looking over his forces
Rob looking over his forces
German tanks advance along the roads
German tanks advance along the roads

We had Kieran and Nick playing Star Wars Armada

Things getting close
Things getting close

And of course our DnD group and MTG players


Also this week there was some painting being slowly worked on


And 2 of the officers dong some paper work


This nicely leads us into upcoming events, our club calendar on the website (http://www.reaperswargaming.co.uk/calendar.html) has been updated to give events covering the first few months of 2016, of course some of these are provisional as we still need to confirm numbers and hall bookings but as you can see there should be something for everyone on there (even the magic players are getting some love outside of normal draft events). Some of these are being organised by us and some are being run buy members with our support.


So what are the closest events:

October 26th: One of our members is working on organising a Battle of Agincourt participation game to celebrate the 600 year anniversary (on the 25th)


November 2nd: clubs Halloween party, come down for a night of themed games, so far we have planed Heroes Vs Zombies (a skirmish game of super heroes fighting the undead) our magic players will be looking at playing a multi-player variant called assassin (all will be explained on the night all you need is a deck or 2) and finally there will be some kind of card game or board game as well (there’s still a few contenders for that being thought about for now)


November 16: MTG planechase night, come down for some multi-player games of this unusual variant, we will be running a shared planar deck for this instead of every player having their own to make things easier (and cheaper) for everyone involved, al you need is a deck


So as you can see plenty going on and that’s just over the next month

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