Summer approaches

So its may now, salute is behind us (and far enough away that we can pretend its not something we should totaly be working on) bank holidays are comming up so its the time as officers we get to relax right?


Well this month we have month 2 of our dredball leauge running with 9 players having varring degrees of success (some of us alot less than others) with some players already getting multiple landslide wins and one team of prisoners shocking themselves so badly they lost thier shock collar

We are also into the second month of our narrative themed 40k campaign being run by one of our memebrs with the 3 factions still fighting it out ad theres always room to add more to the fight


Comming up this month on Monday the 13th we have our war of the Spark sealed event for our MTG players full description and tickets can be found in our event page here

Looking further ahead to June we have a weekend event on saturday 13th for Bolt Action and Sunday 14th for our saga players tickets for these can be either bought individually at £15 each (£10 for quarterly or better members) or £20 for both (£15 for quarterly or better members) both of these will be narrtive driven days with multiple games during the day for each. Full detals and rules packs will be up on the event page shortley

The month the officers panic

Its April and its the time of year that as officers we probably panic the most about being prepared. Before the rest of the blog talks about whats going on this month and the start of May on club nights i would like to talk about this coming weekend.

In case some of you dont know this month is salute, a very large wargaming event (the largest independent event in the UK) that has gamers and traders from all over the world come down. For the 5th year running we will be running a participation game and for the 5th year running we dont feel anywhere near prepared enough. Its not until teh day before the event that we can finaly build the table at the venue fully and see all the details on it for the first time that we fel like we have done what we wanted. Obviusly we have so have always managed to pull everything together and put on something we can be happy with as we keep being allowed back ad have even won things for our boards. Every year we tell ourselves that “next time we will tone it down and make it easier for ourselves” and then we sit down to plan and get carried away again.

Well this year was no differnt, not happy with making 1 board with 1 game, or 1 board with 2 of the same game, or even 1 board wth 2 games this year we have gone for 3 games on 3 boards (why do we do this to ourselves) as we tackle all 3 time zones of back to the future

its been a long few months of work with everyone getting roped in to help from family memebrs

To club members doing long term projects for us at home

Weve given up weekends to meet up and work

Weve had to steal people on club nights to help with playtesting the game and even stole 9 of you last monday to help us out on club night doing last touches

For any of you that have given us time, supplies or advice and support over the last few months we say a massive thank you as its you guys (and salute) that lets us do these random one off crazy things and help to make some fevored vision become a reality.

If any of our club members are at salute be sure to come over and say high and see it all finished with some of the fabulous work people have done for us in all thier finished glory.


Now back to normal monthly updates

This month is the first month of our new membership schemes being live fees are now
The nightly fee is £6.00
The four night card is £20.00
There is also an option for a Quarterly payment of £60.00, a Six monthly payment of £105.00 and finally a Yearly payment of £200.00.

there wil be shop buttons for the quarterly/6 monthly/ yearly subscriptions going up on the club store page soon. We are also hoping to be working out a way of taking card payments at club but that is not quite sorted yet


We have our dredbal leauge (The El Presedente Cup) starting up this month with its first round of pairings going out to players

Our 40k leauge is about to kick off, being run one of our members if anyone is intrested in signing up that hasnt should message Michael Champion its a fun leauge that requires low commitment


For our MTG players there isnt anything for april but we have 2 events that we have planned for the first weeks of may to tell you about now, firstly there is of course our event for the War of the Spark realse. Secondly we are going to be trying to run a special cube event for you based off a fan made starwars set

March Madness

Well we are now into march and the year is well and truely moving along so whats going on with club this month?

Well firstly a reminder that next month is April and the introduction of our new club membeships scheme a full break down o this can be found on ou club acebook page but a simple eminde is that this will be ou new stuctue options for membes:

The nightly fee will increase from £5.00 to £6.00
The four night card will increase from £15.00 to £20.00
There will also be an option for a Quarterly payment of £60.00, a Six monthly payment of £105.00 and finally a Yearly payment of £200.00.


Also on Apil 6th is Saulte and again ou club will be running a table ad some of you may have seen that we have been spending nights building the boad at club. It would be a great help if anyone is able to help us with playtesting the games and if your willing to do this then please watch our FB page for when we are calling for volunters. A big part of what has helped our tables stand out is the feedback we have picked up from playtesting it with our memebrs.

Finaly we have our clubs open weekend latter in the month, the 23rd and 24th we have the hall for 2 days. The weekend is a chance for people to come down and use the hall for whatever gamming you wish to do, we will however be organising a few things ourselves. The saturday we will be offering a day of differnt MTG events in cluding a chaos draft and a couple of cubes. Full details of the event can be found on the FB event here:

Things to come

Another club year has to a close, this year has seen us continue with some long running events (anual apocolypse, tables at salute,40k tournaments, bolt action days and regular MTG events) as well as us starting up so new additons in hosting tournments for KoW and other games seing new laeuges on club nights

Looking ahead to next year we have plans to contiune with these as well as add in some more events and some changes to the club as a whole.


Firstly New membership options, as some of you will know we have spoken for a while now about offering something other than just the 4 weekly club cards for members. We are not quite ready yet to realse full details of what options will be avalible but we can say that we are looking to launch them in febuary when club celebrates its 9th birthday


Event wise we can give you a first heads up to things we already have planned and booked throught the year for you as well as some things that dnt have a date attached to them yet

The first event we have on the calander for next year is our event for the Latest MTG set on Monday 28th, as always this wil be a sealed event with prize support, tickets wil be £20 if bought in advance or £25 on the night

All though not an event taking part at club, April 6th is salute (earlier this year) and again our club will be runnng a table, possibly our most ambitous idea yet, 1 table, running 3 differnt games in 3 differnt settings so if you want to come show your supportt (or just come down to salute) would be great to see you there

June 14th-16th we will be looking to run another bolt action event, the exact layout and details for this are still being finalised so watch this space for more information

Saturday July 20th Our mebers are again running thier KoW tournament at the hall tickets are £15 and all the event details can be found here


Finaly on the calander already for the year is our big weekend for 40k, our apocolypse evet, this year its much later than normal being the 15th-16th of november.


Now thats already a bunch of events with dates that we can tell you about, but thats not all currently planned. we have already have plans for 6 leauges across the year.

Firstly starting in january we have plans for Kill team, smaller skirmish based gaes of 40k, also starting son into the new year we are looking at running dreadball, mantics futeristic sports game, this wont be the first time we have run stuff for this game but its been a couple of years.

Moving into april we are looking at running a 40k leauge again, curently we are stil looking for volunters to do this for us, it can be in what ever for you would like, if you are intrested then please speak to an officer at club or send us a FB message

July we wil be going back to bloodbowl again, full details of the format of the leauge and the relevent rules needed will be given out closer to it starting

October we will have another run at saga (hopefuly with less revolting peasents than the current run) as well as looking to run another KoW leauge, these have always been run by you guys in the past and we will be looking at asking for a volunter for this one again as well


Of course add to all this the other random events we run like our birthday night, “may the 4th”, halloween and anything else we think its worth devoting a night to and you can see that even before the year has started we have a fair amount planned for you guys

Winter Time

Its getting colder, darker and wetter so its time to update you on whats going on for the last month and half of club this year

Firstly for our ongoing events we have our second season of saga continuing and the early stages of our necromunda campign is getting going


For upcomming annoucments, some of our memebers are running another KoW tournament on saturday the 8th of decemember

December 17th wil be the last club night of the year, we will be trying to run a participation game that night as well. We will be comming back on the 7th of january for a new year.



Post Apocolypse

So a week has passed and we have had time to start to recover from what is always one of the largest gaming weekends most of us at club get to do, this year there was 8 players aside with 6,000pts a player (48.000pts a side) battling it out.

Becaus we have now had a year with 8th edition this time round (rather than it droping like 1 month before we have to start giving out all the information) we were able to go back towards some of the preperation we have done in the past meaning there was a return to personal objectives and even participation gifts for everyone that came, this year being Reapers dice

This year we went with a very terrain heavy table (compared to some years) with rolling reinforcments and a turn 1 night fight limiting ranges with the idea being that turn 1 woud be much more about deployment and manouvering for postion with the real destruction startng from turn 2

Whilst table set up as being disscused and secret objectivces were handed out one team made a early lead on thier secret objectives by forming thier bond of brotherhood amongst thier cult (some objectives were achivable wthout ever needing to be on the table)

Deployment and turn one ended up going to the team mostly madeup of the chaos forces and tyranids (with guilaman hiding out amongst the marines alligned to them) with thier infiltratraitors tryingto make an early grab for objectives and the rest of the team trying to get into a better postion.

Turn 2 is when things got alot more intresting as 2/3rds of the armies were on the board and the full shootng abilaties were unleashed as well as allowing people to deepstrike in amongst the forces 


Day 1 rounded out on turn 3 with the eldar learning an important lesson about not ignoring the little unassuming genesteler cultist psyker hding out by a phantoms feet as it managed to mindcontroll 1 phantom to shot the other


The grind truey begining to try and clear the nurgle forces

And both teams being drawn in points with no side being able to claim any of the main table objectives

As we drew a line on day 1 the night time entertaiment began, pizza was ordered and those staying in the hall overnight started the traditon of mass movie watching (this year educating scott as he had seen none of them before)

Turn 4 started up and it was time for 2 players to activate thier secret mission, to stop anyone from winning, each side had a traitor in thier midst (tau and guard) who rather than just changing sides decided instead to turn against everyone

The rest of the day lead to som very confusing turns where players were rushing to see who could shot each other first n the same turn and objectives being contested b both sides having to fight of a 3rd faction

The day ended with both sdes having failed to claim any of the table based objectives (there wasnt a single turn they were not all contested), both sides having managed to score points by kiling 2 warlords each in combat and every player having achived thier personal objctives.


As organisers we would like to thank everyone that came along and helpd us to have another great weekend. Thank you for getting in the spirit of our wierd and dumb ideas. there will be a survey for feedback for those of you who were there as we conitnue to learn what did or didnt work and try to adapt to changes GW makes. I will leave you with some more pictures taken from the weekend.

Marines and nids arriving tgether to threaten the guard baslasks
eldar and marines start the stre down that will last the whole game
tellion contesting the same objective for 4 turns
relife when it becomes cler te eldar flier cant hold objectives
Custodes getting surronded by nids and marines
marines setting up home in the mdeic b uilding overlooking an objective all game
old school screamer killers makng an advance
custodes meeting a tunnling nd

Octobers Update

So were now into October and approaching then end of this year

This month we have the start of 2 new ongoing games

Firstly we have the kick off of necromunda making its return as a club league for the first time in a good few years with the first games kicking off Monday the 8th

Secondly we also have the return of our second Saga campaign with it starting on the 15th of october

Also coming to the blog soon will be a write up on our Apocalypse game that took place last weekend

September Update

First of all  i really thought this had already been posted so……..

Now onto club news


This month there are not anymore special events with the continuation of our ongoing leagues for 40k and bloodbowl


However there is some future events and preparations going on that it is worth drawing your attention to now

Firstly looking ahead to next year there is a poll running on our FB page looking ahead to the leagues we will be running next year. If you haven’t voted yet please do

In the more imedieate future October 6th-7th has our apocolypse game again all the details can be found here


tickets can be bought here


and rules can be found here


Also happening the beginning of October is our Guilds of ravnica event on the 7th


August update

Summer is defiantly here now, the sun seems to be doing a weird thing and staying with us, so why not come and do the British thing and moan about the “good weather” in good company.

The hall will be open again for club from Monday the 13th

August is a quieter month for us events wise due to having the summer hall closures but the 40k league is still continuing

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t got new things to tell you about

Once we are back we will be announcing the start of our plans for our big apocalypse game this year (October 6th-7th) Including prices, build up game plans, how we are doing teams and maybe a few other things

Plans are also underway to start getting ready for our next round of leagues and events as well with necromunda and saga both seeing something coming or them as well as starting to already look forward to next years leagues